• T35
  • Titane Grade 1

  • T35, Grade 1

Norms ASTM B-265, ASTM B-337, ASTM B-338, ASTM B-348, ASTM B-381, ASTM F-67, ASTM F-468, ASTM F-467

Production technique Drawn,

Chemical composition Mechanical characteristics
Fe Ti Other Rm Rp A% HB Density W/m.k
≤ 0,2 Reste ≤ 0,305 ≥ 241 ≥ 172 ≥ 25 120 4,51 21,6

Excellent corrosion resistance. Good cold formability and ductility. Excellent weldability. Good tenacity.


Capacitors, Heat exchangers, Water treatment, Shielding, Nuclear reactors, Geothermal, Stainless Steel Valves, Springs, Connectors, Cryogenics, Manufacture of paper, Watches and jewelry, Architecture