• Mo
  • Molybdène

Norms ASTM B386, ASTM B387

Production technique Sintered

Chemical composition Mechanical characteristics
Mo Other Rm Rp A% HB Density Recristallisation
99,95 ≤ 0,05 590 – 785 540 – 620 3,0-17 300 10,22 1000

High resistance to heat, good electrical conductivity and anticorrosive (acids, chemical agents and molten glass). Molybdenum tools do not require heat treatment or surface treatment before use. High resistance to wear, manufacture of incandescent lamps, transistors and semiconductors, contact for mercury switches and telephone relays, construction of high-temperature furnaces operating under vacuum or under controlled atmosphere.


High-temperature resistance 2620 ° C, Welding by points and contacts, Electro-erosion, Ovens and vacuum ovens, Anti-corrosion, High-conductivity