• TZM

Production technique Sintered

Chemical composition Mechanical characteristics
Zr Mo Ti Other Rm Rp A% HB Density Recristallisation
0,06-0,12 Reste 0,4-0,55 0,01-0,04 690 – 1130 620 – 1000 2,0-8,0 300-450 10,16 1250

Compared to molybdenum, TZM has a higher recrystallization temperature and higher heat resistance. It is therefore a material which is perfectly suitable for producing tools which must have a particularly high heat resistance. The use of TZM is preferable to molybdenum for the assembled parts because it is better suited for welding.


Under pressure moulding, Vacuum furnaces, Boats for firing and sintering techniques at temperatures above 1500 ° C